A pebble into the pond

That’s what a Permablitz is like.

One action that produces many ripples and spreads in all directions. When your backyard gets blitzed by a group of fellow enthusiasts a whole lot of things are happening. You get a food producing system up and running in a day. Growing your own food means you are contributing to food security, providing healthy fresh food and keeping diversity in the food system.

You know you are going to be eating high nutrient density foods that have been grown chemical free and that means better health. You’re also rebuilding skills just as those who come along to your blitz and have never lifted a shovel before. Building skills builds confidence. You are definitely going  to make friends and create community spirit. This rebuilding of community relationships makes for a stronger, friendlier community.

Re-localising our food growing helps to reduce food miles. Using permaculture design looks after the land, so we empower our care of the land and reduce the use of troublesome chemicals. I could go on and on, couldn't I? All of these add up to being secure in food, health, community and sustainability.
And, the icing on the cake is that is it a whole lot of fun. That’s more like it!
Attending a Permablitz you get to feel all these life affirming pieces coming into being. Now that’s turning the corner, no more relying on radical hope that we can transition to a global life project, No, its here and its now.
Of course the more of us who join in and make this happen the sooner we will turn the tide.

Permablitz Sydney online!


Hello World!


Permablitz Sydney has a site!!!


We could be working offline and release a fantastic operational website but we've decided against it... at least you know where we're at - nothing much for now... but we're working on it!






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