Who co-ordinates the Permablitz Sydney network?

The Sydney permablitz network is currently entirely volunteer and informal.  There is a Sydney Permablitz Collective who amongst other things:

  • produce guides for designers, facilitators, hosts and new networks,
  • facilitate linking together potential hosts with potential designers and facilitators,
  • promote specific permablitzes and the permablitz concept in general,
  • maintain the website,
  • write newsletters,
  • co-ordinate the documenting of blitzes and sharing lessons learnt,
  • organise gatherings of designers for mutual education


Note that the Collective promotes but does not organise particular blitzes beyond providing resources and helping designers and hosts get together.  The rest is done by the designers and hosts.

The Collective are involved in the back-end admin because it's actually generally fun, we're learning all the time, doing something which we believe in, and meeting wonderful people along the way.  Currentt coordinators and members of the Collective are Adam, Alexia, Andrea, Andrew, Bugs, Gordon, Jess, Tom and Tony.

Beyond the Collective, there is the Sydney Permablitz Designers Guild, which as of April 2012, has around 10 graduates of Permaculture Design Certificates from around Sydney.  The "Guild" exists as a pool of volunteer designers for permablitzes; people wanting real world experience.  It also sometimes meets for educational purposes.  If you have a PDC and would like to join the mailing list, we'd love you to join: click here.

Beyond that there's a newsletter mailing list of over 450 people around Sydney and many others who aren't on the mailing list who have volunteered their time on permablitzes.  You can sign up for the newsletter on the home page.

Although Permablitz is all volunteer in Sydney, some of us are also professional permaculture designers and teachers. (Check out the Permaculture Design Consultants page to find us.)

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