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So you'd like to get blitzed?

Have you already read Get Blitzed? If you have, great! The next thing to do is to fill out and submit the Host Request form below. The form is set out for you to provide brief descriptions and details of:

  • your land
  • yourself and the other people that reside there
  • and what you'd like to achieve with it
  • and how many blitzes you've been to so far
  • if you're looking for a volunteer student or a professional permaculture designer

No more than a paragraph or two will do it. 

Note that if you opt for a volunteer designer, we usually manage to find a volunteer designers, but not always.  If you'd like to attract a volunteer designer, it may help to make it sound like a fun challenge.

Our volunteer designers are registered with our Sydney Permablitz Designers Guild, have completed a recognised Permablitz Design Certificate (PDC) and will normally have completed and implemented a few designs. The Guild is set up to help new designers so a volunteer designer may be accompanied by 1 or 2 new or student designers.


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Suburb * Helps us line up volunteer designers & blitzers
Tell us about you, your land, etc. *Just a quick description, 500 characters maximum.
What would you like to achieve? *Just a bit of detail to help us get the right designer for you. 500 characters maximum.
How many blitzes have you been so far? *
Volunteer or Professional Designer? *



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