Blitz #3 – Cronulla wrap-up

I had arranged to pick blitz volunteer Michele up in the morning on the way to the blitz and when I got there the tone of the day was set. The enthusiasm and generosity were made conspicuous by the alphabetically ordered catalogue of seed packets, veggie seedlings and banana pups loaded into my ute for the trip down to Mark’s place at Cronulla.



There were already a few early birds starting to get things prepared for the day when we arrived. Matt, the designer, was already laying out the edging of recycled sleepers for the garden along the nature strip next to the fence.



As more volunteers arrived the real action began. Transplanting the Agapanthus along the front fence and dealing with the turf to make way for the strip of edibles to allow future passersby to enjoy some fresh herbs and leafy greens.



Inside the yard, some of the plants in the veggie patch had become a little rambunctious over winter as they were left to their own devices as Mark’s spent some time working away. Enter Melanie and Michele to discover what was waiting to be discovered beneath the volunteer weeds and obviously healthy nasturtiums. With the plant casualties added to the compost pile and stepping stones revealed the remaining veggies and herbs were tucked in with an obligatory layer of mulch. With tongue in cheek one volunteer was heard to say “this mulch looks so good that I might do my living room with it”.




Lunch, a delicious veggie curry prepared by mark, was just what the team of hungry gardeners needed.  So tasty was the meal that nobody [insert picture of guilty blitz reporter here] remembered to take a picture of it and returning to the garden was made difficult perhaps due to the weight of food in full stomachs.



Once that hurdle was overcome it was time to finish off the nature strip. With grass gone and edging laid it was a simple case of adding some organic matter to the soil in the form of horse manure and worm castings before planting out adding some water before the final team shot.




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