Our debut blitz in Merrylands

Hello world, we’re still here!

Permablitz has to start somewhere, and we’ve been taking a while this year to start driving some momentum in getting blitzes happening. In our case, it wasn't until late October that we were ready for a trial blitz, and I'm responsible for taking this long in getting the report up.You could think of us as being like the tortoise that will transform into the hare, and we'll be ready for many more blitzes in 2013.



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The crew assembled at Tom and Ling's place in Merrylands to work a food forest and keyhole bed that were part of a design for their backyard. The VERY early arrivers are pictured above!



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The permablitz process works in stages - after a designer or design team helps the hosts draw up a design for what they want in their garden, materials are gathered, and a date is set for a blitz, when people turn up to help transform the host's garden in one day.



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One thing we made in one day - a keyhole bed as part of "The Patch". As edging, we dug a narrow trench along the outline of the bed in which we placed reused roof tiles.





We also worked on a food forest along the edges of the backyard, using cardboard sheet mulch under a layer of mixed mulch from different sources, in which we planted trees with edible fruit. Above, the crew stops work for a demonstration of a technique for planting trees.



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The finished food forest after a good day's work!





The crew took breaks during the day with food generously provided by the hosts, including vegetarian omelettes like this one.


Ling had this to say about the experience:

“Permablitz at Malvern ave was a rich hands on gardening experienced for all participants.   We all happily worked the lawn into edible garden; we completed the last petal of the mandala garden; we transplant a few fruit tees and ling top the day up with her delightedly yummy and healthy vegetarian breakfast, home made pizza for lunch and teas not to mentioned chocolate and afghan breads as treats.

The permablitz was surely a fun, healthy, happy and social enriching experienced for all of us.

The best of all, We have 2 kids taking in this rich, happy, loving social connections aspects of gardening. We have definitely passed on our truth love and blessing to these two kids on the day.

I am looking forward to many more permablitz Yes Yes Yes.”




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