About the Permablitz Sydney Collective

The permablitz concept can be used by anyone.  Here in Sydney, permablitz is a network, more so than a well defined organisation.  However, some of us are involved in a small collective called the Permablitz Sydney Collective.  The collective does not run permablitzes (not as a group anyway).  Instead, the collective exists for two reasons:

1) to help link people together with the right knowledge to make actual permablitzes happen, and
2) to facilitate and encourage the spread of the permablitz concept

Some of the things that involves include writing guide booklets, maintaining this website, introducing potential hosts with potential designers, helping document permablitzes, promoting permablitzes, writing newsletters, organising gatherings of designers, maintaining a list of international and interstate groups and sharing resources, and so on.  The collective are entirely volunteer, and the group is essentially unfunded and without a bank account, since there are very few costs.

Beyond the collective, there is also a mailing list for potential permablitz designers called the Designers' Guild, and beyond that our large newsletter mailing list and the thousands of volunteers that have been to permablitzes.

Within the collective we take on various roles to make sure things get done.  We're using the same structure as Permablitz Melbourne. Why re-invent the wheel when it works! Plus, the guys in Melbourne have worked so hard and well in getting their structure right... we're paying them respect by using it 'as is'. Thanks a lot guys!




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