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Don't be shy! If you've been to the odd permablitz and you think maybe you'd like to be blitzed, let us know. The waiting list is not long, and we have resources, designers and enthusiasm to help you out.

How many permablitzes should I come to first?

Usually we say you need to come to three permablitzes before you qualify.  This helps you know what to expect, get some ideas for your garden, develop some skills and show us that you mean business.  There is some leeway however, especially if you contribute to the community in other ways or there may be social or physical restrictions which have made it hard for you to attend in the past.  So don't be afraid to ask!

What is the process?

The stages to a permablitz are:

  1. you send us your brief
  2. we hook you up with some (volunteer if we can arrange it) permaculture practitioners for a design visit, and together you come up with a design
  3. the designers give you a list of materials to prepare
  4. you work with a facilitator/designers to prepare a plan for the day
  5. we blitz!

We go through all this in detail in our Permablitz Hosts' Guide.

OK, tell me more, I think I'd like to get blitzed...

The first thing to do is to send us brief description of:

  • your land
  • yourself and the other people that reside there
  • and what you'd like to achieve with it
  • and how many blitzes you've been to so far
  • if you're looking for a volunteer student or a professional permaculture

No more than a paragraph or two will do it.  We usually manage to find a volunteer designers, but not always.  If you'd like to attract a volunteer designer, it may help to make it sound like a fun challenge.

So get in contact: Request a Blitz!





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