Permablitz Links #1

And now for something slightly different, we'll be trying out a regular series of posts with links to news, advice and things to be aware of for permablitz people. New, recent and old information all welcome.


Things that happened


A positive spin on retrofitting the future:


Dioxin in herbicides:


Things that will happen


What can councils do to help with food security? Upcoming forum:




Using modern design to preserve traditional food preservation:


Reaching your goals with permaculture principles:


Garden as lazily as you like, and still get a bounty:


Building a chicken tractor with found objects:




Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network. Self-explanatory:


Green Renters – sustainability advice for those in rental accommodation:


Observe and Interact


Plants “communicate” through mycorrhizae:


Something less serious


Did you see the World Snail Racing Championship?;utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_tw20130721news-snails&utm_campaign=Content