Organisers Guides Updated for Sydney

I've just finished tweaking the Permablitz Hosts, Designers, Facilitator and Reporters guides to make them a little more relevant for Sydney and NSW. They were created by Permablitz Melbourne. Check them out in the Organizers Guides section of the website. If you have any suggestions that might improve them don't hesitate to get in touch.



Blitz #4 @ Greystanes

Permablitz at Greystanes

How we be rollin'! Loaded up with plants for the recent Greystanes Blitz at Peter and Reyne's place. After helping out at their first blitz Peter and Reyne couldn't wait to host one themselves and get growing their own awesome edible paradise.

Permablitz #4

To kick off the day Paul, the marvelous designer, ran everyone through the design and the jobs that it would take for it  to become reality. So on your marks, get set...

Permablitz Greystanes

...Go!. everyone was straight into it and before long the main shape of the gardens were coming together with the edging and grass suppressing cardboard going in place.

Permablitz at Greystanes

Permablitz at Greystanes

The leading hands on the job made sure that the soil coming in went in exactly the right spot.

Permablitz at Greystanes

With the heavy lifting done it was time for lunch. This was an amazing spread put on for all the hard workers which really showed Peter and Reyne's appreciation for all the hard work that was going into creating the garden.

Permablitz at Greystanes

After filling up on all that amazing food it made sense to ease back into the afternoon session with a quick tree planting workshop before getting stuck into the planting out.

Permablitz at Greystanes

Permablitz at Greystanes

It was a hot day too so ice-blocks were in order. A big thanks to all who came and lent a hand it couldn't have been done without you! And don't forget that your hard work goes towards having a blitz at your place.

Permablitz at Greystanes

Permablitz at Greystanes

Permablitz at Greystanes

Blitz #3 – Cronulla wrap-up

I had arranged to pick blitz volunteer Michele up in the morning on the way to the blitz and when I got there the tone of the day was set. The enthusiasm and generosity were made conspicuous by the alphabetically ordered catalogue of seed packets, veggie seedlings and banana pups loaded into my ute for the trip down to Mark’s place at Cronulla.



There were already a few early birds starting to get things prepared for the day when we arrived. Matt, the designer, was already laying out the edging of recycled sleepers for the garden along the nature strip next to the fence.



As more volunteers arrived the real action began. Transplanting the Agapanthus along the front fence and dealing with the turf to make way for the strip of edibles to allow future passersby to enjoy some fresh herbs and leafy greens.



Inside the yard, some of the plants in the veggie patch had become a little rambunctious over winter as they were left to their own devices as Mark’s spent some time working away. Enter Melanie and Michele to discover what was waiting to be discovered beneath the volunteer weeds and obviously healthy nasturtiums. With the plant casualties added to the compost pile and stepping stones revealed the remaining veggies and herbs were tucked in with an obligatory layer of mulch. With tongue in cheek one volunteer was heard to say “this mulch looks so good that I might do my living room with it”.




Lunch, a delicious veggie curry prepared by mark, was just what the team of hungry gardeners needed.  So tasty was the meal that nobody [insert picture of guilty blitz reporter here] remembered to take a picture of it and returning to the garden was made difficult perhaps due to the weight of food in full stomachs.



Once that hurdle was overcome it was time to finish off the nature strip. With grass gone and edging laid it was a simple case of adding some organic matter to the soil in the form of horse manure and worm castings before planting out adding some water before the final team shot.


Permablitz Links #1

And now for something slightly different, we'll be trying out a regular series of posts with links to news, advice and things to be aware of for permablitz people. New, recent and old information all welcome.


Things that happened


A positive spin on retrofitting the future:


Dioxin in herbicides:


Things that will happen


What can councils do to help with food security? Upcoming forum:




Using modern design to preserve traditional food preservation:


Reaching your goals with permaculture principles:


Garden as lazily as you like, and still get a bounty:


Building a chicken tractor with found objects:




Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network. Self-explanatory:


Green Renters – sustainability advice for those in rental accommodation:


Observe and Interact


Plants “communicate” through mycorrhizae:


Something less serious


Did you see the World Snail Racing Championship?;utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_tw20130721news-snails&utm_campaign=Content

Permablitz-ing Tending

We’re Permablitz-ing Tending on March 23!!

We need lots of hands and tools (and good spirits) to help permablitz Tending! (What the heck is ‘Tending’? check it out here).

Date: Saturday 23 March 2013 – from 9am to 3pm

Where: Rozelle Campus, Balmain Road, Rozelle, Sydney NSW 2039 (map attached)

Food and drinks: Bring a plate to share.

What to expect on the day?

  • bring back to life an inner city garden
  • have fun
  • work and sweat!
  • learn some gardening techniques from one of our Permablitz facilitators

RSVP: please confirm your attendance to me (alexia [at] terrapermaculture [dot] com) before Tuesday 19 March noon. For that I would need:

  1. your name
  2. your mobile number
  3. your email address
  4. where you come from (SCA student, staff, others)

We will need tools: shovels, mattock, spades, forks, wheelbarrows, large cardboard boxes, etc.  When you register, please also confirm what you can bring (tools, plants, food, etc.).

What else to bring: sunscreen, hat, water, gloves, good spirits!

Any question? shoot me a note!

See you all soon,



Permablitz report from Tending. And, Merrylands in bloom.

Hello again.


Our second blitz (on March 23rd) saw us helping out with Tending, an experimental student garden at the Sydney College of the Arts in Rozelle.



Tending asks the question: "Can art and permaculture work together at producing an abundance of food, fun, and creativity?" (description from the Tending blog at - check it out for more)



Most of what we did on the day revolved around three challenges.
Challenge number 1 was to remove a lot of what appeared to be buffalo grass and other self-seeded species, which would not have a comfortable co-existance with the kind of domesticated plants we tend to grow and eat from.


Challenge number 2 was to relocate a lot of heavy rocks that were on site, so they're no longer a hidden hazard to anyone who wants to work on or walk through the garden.




All in a good day's work!


Challenge number 3 was to set up some raised garden beds.
Because we used prefabricated frames, we had to draw and then a dig a perimeter for each bed to fit in.


After placing wet cardboard inside each dug perimeter, the frames went in place.


Downtime and good food are part of the permablitz experience.
While we can't claim to have had lunch fresh from the garden, this was nice.


Our last task at the end of a long day was to mulch in and around the new garden beds, which is the foundation for what Tending can become. Like all permaculture, Tending remains a work in progress.

Also, one of the hosts from our earlier Merrylands blitz sent photos of how the garden was faring 6 weeks after:








Our debut blitz in Merrylands

Hello world, we’re still here!

Permablitz has to start somewhere, and we’ve been taking a while this year to start driving some momentum in getting blitzes happening. In our case, it wasn't until late October that we were ready for a trial blitz, and I'm responsible for taking this long in getting the report up.You could think of us as being like the tortoise that will transform into the hare, and we'll be ready for many more blitzes in 2013.



img 0003shrunk2

The crew assembled at Tom and Ling's place in Merrylands to work a food forest and keyhole bed that were part of a design for their backyard. The VERY early arrivers are pictured above!



img 0038shrunk2


The permablitz process works in stages - after a designer or design team helps the hosts draw up a design for what they want in their garden, materials are gathered, and a date is set for a blitz, when people turn up to help transform the host's garden in one day.



img 0058shrunk2


One thing we made in one day - a keyhole bed as part of "The Patch". As edging, we dug a narrow trench along the outline of the bed in which we placed reused roof tiles.





We also worked on a food forest along the edges of the backyard, using cardboard sheet mulch under a layer of mixed mulch from different sources, in which we planted trees with edible fruit. Above, the crew stops work for a demonstration of a technique for planting trees.



img 0070shrunk2


The finished food forest after a good day's work!





The crew took breaks during the day with food generously provided by the hosts, including vegetarian omelettes like this one.


Ling had this to say about the experience:

“Permablitz at Malvern ave was a rich hands on gardening experienced for all participants.   We all happily worked the lawn into edible garden; we completed the last petal of the mandala garden; we transplant a few fruit tees and ling top the day up with her delightedly yummy and healthy vegetarian breakfast, home made pizza for lunch and teas not to mentioned chocolate and afghan breads as treats.

The permablitz was surely a fun, healthy, happy and social enriching experienced for all of us.

The best of all, We have 2 kids taking in this rich, happy, loving social connections aspects of gardening. We have definitely passed on our truth love and blessing to these two kids on the day.

I am looking forward to many more permablitz Yes Yes Yes.”




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